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What’s Wrong With RGIII And The Rest Of The NFC East

What’s Wrong With RGIII And The Rest Of The NFC East

Man, how the mighty have fallen.

Once looked upon as the class of the NFL, the NFC East has become a shell of its former self seemingly overnight.

Robert Griffin III looks human.

The Eagles have yet to grasp Chip Kelly’s offense.

Jerry Jones is still in charge in “Big D.”

And the Giants look like, well, the worst team in the league to be perfectly honest.

So, what went wrong?

It’s hard to pinpoint one thing, but a big head comes to mind for me.

All of these teams hail from major-market cities, including our own nation’s capitol, which is in rough shape now as it is.

A little success, and boom, there goes the confidence.

And there go the expectations with it.

Most felt the Giants would be right back in playoff contention with Eli Manning at the helm and several studs on the defensive side of the ball.

Most believed that, despite missing the preseason, RGIII would pick right up where he left off and dominate the world like he did last season.

Most had to think that with Michael Vick, LeSean McCoy and DeSean Jackson, Kelly had the perfect tools to implement his quick-pace, Oregon-style offense.

Most probably didn’t think the Cowboys would struggle, but than again, Tony Romo and Jones remained in town, so there’s that.

Right now, the NFC East is looking up at the AFC North and every other division in the league because they got too cocky.

New York has no run game.

RGIII definitely needed some time to get back in the flow during the preseason.

Kelly doesn’t have all the right tools yet, and the defense is horrible.

And, like I said, Romo and Jones remain in Dallas.

We’re only partially through the season, so there is plenty of time for these four to turn it around and become not only playoff contenders, but Super Bowl contenders, as well.

Here’s what needs to happen for each to do just that:


New York Giants

Dallas, Denver, Carolina and Kansas City.

Those are the four teams the Giants have faced, and most had to feel a 2-2 record at worst would be sitting in front of Tom Coughlin at this point. Heck, maybe even 1-3, but no way 0-4.

That’s what has happened, and that’s because of the lack of a run defense.

Surrendering over 122 yards per game isn’t going to lead to any wins, but the team can right their ship.


Playing at home is the answer.

After three of four on the road, New York gets to play five of its next seven at home and they can do some damage to the Eagles and Cowboys in that stretch, playing three division games.

On a side note, I saw a stat that amazed me. Coughlin, with his two Super Bowl rings, has won as many regular season games and playoff games as Rex Ryan at this point. Incredible.


Washington Redskins

Griffin just needs to practice more, and an early-season bye week couldn’t have come at a better time.

Extra time on the field with his receivers and backs will only give the former Heisman winner more confidence.

Plus, with Alfred Morris banged up, they can ill-afford to go ahead minus him.

The schedule doesn’t do Washington any favors post-bye week, as they travel to Dallas, welcome Chicago and head out west to meet Denver.

A rough three-game stretch, but even a 1-2 mark will leave a glimmer of hope for D.C.


Philadelphia Eagles

I was one of those that felt the Eagles were a perfect spot for Kelly to take his college brain to.

Explosive players. Quickness. An ideal mobile QB in Vick.

I was wrong.

Kelly needs his own players, and that will take time.

Factor in a defense that has surrendered passing yards like they are going out of style, and the troubles are only going to mount in Philly.

Eagle fans, I know they are not patient, but give Kelly at least some time. He can work magic, and his system can succeed.


Dallas Cowboys

Fire Jones.

No, honestly, that is it.

If the Cowboys are ever going to get back to being contenders, Jones has to go.

He tries to control too much, and he is quickly turning in to Al Davis – ask Raider fans, that’s not a good thing.

Romo can become an elite QB, but he needs a better coach than Jason Garrett….and no Jerry Jones.


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