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A Possible WWE Heavyweight Unification

A Possible WWE Heavyweight Unification

Right after Night of Champions I wrote an article that essentially called the WWE out for recycling their storylines. When I saw Scott Armstrong’s fast count which lead Daniel Bryan to his second short-lived WWE Championship reign, I said Triple H was going to do to him what he did to Jericho in 2000: Take away the top prize in the WWE. That is exactly what happened the next night on Raw.

I’m going to make another one of those predictions. With John Cena coming back at Hell in a Cell to face Alberto Del Rio for the World Heavyweight Championship, it’s clear they’re giving that title a push if Cena wears the strap. The only reason to give prestige to the World Heavyweight Championship is to make a unification of the two top championships legit.

This will be shades of the Vengeance pay-per-view which saw Chris Jericho finally becoming not only WWF Champion, but the Undisputed Champion. On that night he won the WCW Heavyweight Championship from the Rock and WWF Championship from Stone Cold. For so long Jericho fought and lost chance after chance to win the big one, only to win the biggest one of them all against legends like Stone Cold and the Rock in the same night.

Daniel Bryan is probably being set up to win the Undisputed Title and that’s why he has constantly gotten screwed over in storylines so hard. That sort of win where he beats this generation’s Stone Cold and Rock will drive people bonkers from all the anticipation. There will be the usual confetti celebration, explosions, and “YES” chants, which will disintegrate whatever roof the WWE event is under. I figure for this storyline:

John Cena – Stone Cold
Randy Orton – The Rock
Daniel Bryan – Chris Jericho
Kurt Angle – Del Rio

CM Punk – Triple H

The reason why I added CM Punk as Triple H is because Jericho lost the Undisputed Championship to him at that particular storyline’s Wrestlemania. Punk always wanted to close off Wrestlemania and since the WWE has been giving in to his fan-favorite demands, they’ll probably have him beat Bryan at Wrestlemania. Punk and Bryan are absolute fan favorites so it is what’s best for business. Who knows, maybe Paul Heyman will play the role of Stephanie McMahon and be the scorn manager in Daniel Bryan’s corner.

But what about Cena? I think at this point in his career he’s in pass-the-torch-mode the way guys like Triple H and Shawn Michaels passed the torch to him on the road to solidifying his legacy. He’ll probably face the evil Triple H at Wrestlemania with Stone Cold as referee. The man is due for an appearance.

Side note: I mentioned Dock Ellis earlier in this article. At the end his life he claimed to have a substance abuse issue because he admitted to always pitching fucked up. I have to respectfully disagree with his claim of substance abuse. He was one of those rare cases where it worked out for him. The Mets took forty years before they had a no-hitter. He did it two years into his career on a day he didn’t even realize he was doing it. In his case he should have substance appreciation.