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SummerSlam Fallout: What Could Happen? What Should Happen?

SummerSlam Fallout: What Could Happen? What Should Happen?

With another SummerSlam PPV in the books, I have to say WWE seems to have done a good job setting the table for the next few months worth of feuds in most cases. While I can’t say I loved every match outcome, every one served a purpose and in some cases is just one step in a move toward bigger and better things. With that said, let’s take a look at the results, match by match.

For the US title match, clearly WWE is not ready or willing to separate the belt from Dean Ambrose-yet. The match itself was not a bad one, though you could argue that the ending took away from the end result. I expect a 6 man match to spawn from Sunday’s fun, but more importantly in terms of follow up, having Ambrose work with a strong in-ring veteran such as Van Dam can only help solidify him in the long term. I hope to see a program develop out of this.

Not a match, but based on interactions, could there possibly be some follow ups between Miz and Fandango? May not be a bad feud to start, though I was convinced they had planted seeds for Fandango/R-Truth just last week. Worth watching, though clearly nothing more than mid-card fodder at this point.

Kane, as expected, was thoroughly beaten and dragged out of the arena. Some are wondering if as a result of the attack, he is not somehow assimilated into the Wyatt Family. I could see something like that making sense, though I don’t particularly like that move, given how established Kane is, in terms of his career. However, for that same reason, it could work-establishing Wyatt as that diabolical and controlling, so much so that he beat up and manipulated someone like Kane. I don’t know yet how long Kane would be off TV, but the follow up for this should definitely be satisfying to watch. Assuming Kane is off for a while, Monday’s RAW ought to be interesting to see if the Wyatt’s have a new target.

I wasn’t too surprised to see Cody get the win-as long as Sandow still has the briefcase, losing to Cody shouldn’t really damage him. It was a good, albeit short match. I would love to see these two put together more matches and really push things-give them more time and let them work. I still would love to see a one-off match with a stipulation being that the briefcase is up for grabs, though I really don’t see that happening. I do like Cody dropping the ‘stache.

Christian putting on a good match? No surprise there. Losing to Del Rio? Again, no real surprise. My beef with this match is how it came together without nearly the buildup that Cena-Bryan had, and honestly that’s why this match felt to me like a setup to a Sandow cash-in. That being said, having Sandow on right before let me to believe such a cash-in was damn near unlikely. I would really like to see Christian get to have a few more significant matches with ADR, as Christian is still a very good worker. See what kind of action these two can string together when working together for more than just a few weeks, and the fans likely won’t be disappointed.

Not much to say on the Diva match, other than I was pleasantly surprised to see Natty get the win. I could easily see that 6 diva tag match happening sooner or later, but hopefully nothing as bad as the mixed tag match from RAW. Purely a filler match between a title match and a co-main event match.

Giving Brock the win over Punk made a ton of sense-Brock has had a lot more losses, it seems, than wins since he came back. While he might be part time, that’s still not necessarily a good reason for him to basically always do the job. He needs to have some wins along the way to retain some credibility, considering what he has done and what he really could be capable of. Punk did get his hands on Heyman, but you can sense that there is at least one more match in this feud, though I would expect at least two more. I would still love some more stipulations in future matches-not sure Vince and Dana could or would do anything UFC/MMA related for these two, but at a minimum I anticipate these to remain no DQ type affairs. This match left me wanting more, and that’s a good thing.

For the Ziggler match, the only ending here that made sense was a Dolph win. I really expect to see him get back toward a WHC feud soon, so this program needs to wind down sooner than later. Obviously, its hard to say if the SummerSlam match closes things or not, but Ziggler should be working in more important matches. Consolation here for Dolph was going on so close to the end of the card, I suppose.

Which leaves us with the WWE Title match. Everyone got the ending they were all clamoring for-kind of. Bryan won the title. But then, Orton cashed in (and I am pretty sure everyone expected a cash-in here, based on how frequently it had been teased. What few even suspected however, was just how far HHH would go to get “his man” the title. This one generates a lot more questions than answers, though I suspect by the end of RAW we may have a good number of answers. Is Vince involved in this at all? Or will he be pissed at Hunter, thus elevating that brewing feud? And how many classic matches would Bryan and Orton be able to have? I do hope Bryan gets a longer reign sooner than later. My gripe with this match is that Bryan got the win but held the title for like a minute. Blink and you missed it. Yes, it’s all building to something bigger, so from my seat, as someone who enjoys watching Daniel Bryan work, I do hope the bigger picture works out well for him. Lost in the shuffle of all of this is Cena losing. Really thought he was going to have a longer run with the belt, though at this point, some time off and just out of the picture may be a good thing. More important, are we seeing just a tease of a Legacy 2.0 stable, or was this just something random? I don’t think with The Shield and the Wyatt Family there would be space for a third powerful heel group, so I don’t expect that… but a full on heel HHH and Orton certainly makes things interesting to say the least. A well executed series of matches between Orton and Bryan should only further establish Bryan, and one would expect it to culminate with another title change, be it at the Rumble or perhaps a ‘Mania main event.

All in all, generally a satisfying PPV, with the RAW follow up very much worth a watch. If WWE does things right, it should make the last three months of 2013 very entertaining to watch.