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Total Divas: Where the WWE is Going with the Show

Total Divas: Where the WWE is Going with the Show

After the first episode of Total Divas, various personalities in the wrestling world were vocal with expressing reactions to the show. While there have been reality shows that have tackled wrestling before, there has been none that have specifically targeted women by covering the Divas. The show has already generated significant buzz in the entertainment world, and that’s good news and strong visibility for wrestling. With the copious amount of exposure and publicity that the WWE has given this show on its television programming, it’s no secret that they want this to be a huge success. The WWE is using Total Divas not just as a method to recruit more female fans to the product but also as a mean to strengthen storylines, establish characters, and introduce new Divas.


The WWE has gone to great lengths to do all that they can to drive interest in the show, having top stars prominently featured in the show’s first episode and throughout the show. Some even speculated that the mixed gender Rhodes Scholars/Tons of Funk feud was created to make the disappointing on-screen moment where the girls learn that their match was cut. While the Bellas have ostensibly been the face of the show, it’s clear that new redhead, Eva Marie, will be a focal point. Not only did the WWE run an in-ring segment on Raw to introduce  her character, last night the official WWE Twitter account tried to get “her phrase” to be a worldwide trending topic, instead of letting it happen organically. (Guess they didn’t know that her phrase is uttered by millions of women across America on a daily basis.) Jillian Hall mentioned that the newbies have an attitude that could create trouble, likely an allusion to Eva Marie deciding to die her hair red instead of blonde.

After the first episode and the high amount of public interest, it seems that many people are shocked by the show; they’re shocked that they actually like it somewhat. Many hardcore and casual fans have commented that they thought watching the series would be like pulling teeth, until they were pleasantly surprised by what was aired. In light of all that the WWE has done to make the show popular, it’s well-received reviews, and the way that the WWE plans to use the show, I think that you can pencil in a second season of the show.


Already many have identified the Bellas as the villains of the show, and I think that the second show would build on that rep while exploring how Eva and Jo Jo are maturing in the locker room. Hopefully, the second season would not also see Nattie Neidhart continuing to babysit but would have her likable personality finally getting the treatment she deserves in the Diva division. The second show could even incorporate other Divas like the sultry Rosa Mendes who overcame personal issues this past year and even Layla, who’s turned into a role model of sorts in the division with her evolution from dancer to bonafide wrestler.